The Casanera philosophy

Beauty, a family secret. Marie Ceccaldi lives connected with the plants of her native Balagne since her childhood. Myrtle, immortal, lentisk, juniper, the flora of the maquis has no secret for her.

An inspiration of always in all, because Marie holds its secrets of beauty of a long family tradition. “I inherited a precious herbarium made over three generations by a great-grandmother healer and a pioneer mother of fresh cosmetics in the 70s.”

These family uncompromising convictions against synthetic products never leave … “Little, I would gather herbs and roots macerated for decoctions and my grandmother who treated all with the Corsican plants, as well as kidney stones as the burns, and chose the days of harvest according to the lunar cycle. “

For Marie, beauty is a family affair … Therefore, what is more obvious for the child of the country than to launch, in 2011, its own line of organic care plants maquis. In pure fidelity to the craft, of course.

Our expertise

“All our wild plants are picked by hand in the morning and distilled on the spot according to ancestral know-how in the hours that follow not to lose a drop of their precious assets. Our emulsions are whipped like whipped cream and our pots are filled manually. “.

As soon as we passed Relais & Châteaux, we were asked by the biggest brands, but it seemed inconceivable to select industrial labels while our region offered us beautiful essential oils. The clients literally become embroiled in these precious assets and claim her cosmetic treasures. Marie is convinced.This is the birth of the first Casanera boutique made in maquis in Calvi. The passion and an encounter with Patrick Paquet, a Corsican perfumer who only works with essential oils, will do the rest: perfume waters, home fragrances, candles cast by hand from 100% vegetable waxes and diffusers with Local scents will then emerge.